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Can E-Cigarettes Poison Your Pets?


If you are an avid Abu Dhabi vaper with the cutest puppies and kittens living at home with you,
this thought may have crossed your mind. Second-hand smoke from cigarettes is harmful to all
living beings, but is vaping dangerous for pets too? There are many fear-mongering articles on
the web when it comes to vapes, and pet poisoning has been an extensive discussion. This is
why we decided to do the research for you to explain why vaping is NOT harmful to your pets.
There are some precautions you should take anyway. Think of your vape juice as medication.
You wouldn’t leave an open box of Panadol lying around the house where your pets and
children can consume it quickly. Store your equipment in a safe place so that your pet cannot
reach them.
Vaping Around Pets Will Not Harm Them
Second-hand vapor is less harmful than cigarette smoke. Even if you do vape near your pets,
they will not be exposed to a dangerous level of nicotine. However, here are some precautions
you should take just to make sure your little furball doesn’t get affected at all.
Always vape in an open space. If your home is not adequately ventilated, there can be a build-
up on walls, furniture, windows, etc. Pets can be at risk of licking your walls and tasting the
flavor from your vapor. Keep an air purifier nearby if you are vaping at home and leave the
windows open. If you want to vape in your car, roll down the windows while driving so that all
the vapor can escape properly. Then there won’t be any remains left in your car the next time
your pet wants to stick their head out to enjoy the breezy scenery.
Wash Your Pets
Some vapor can get stuck to your pet’s fur. If you have a cat, they might lick the vapor off
their fur to clean themselves. This could cause them to ingest the chemicals even though they
are not toxic. You should still help your pet stay clean, so they won’t have to do it themselves.
This is ideal if you are an indoor vaper and your pet cuddles next to you the entire time.
Do Not Blow in Pet’s Face
It is best to avoid blowing vapor directly into your pet’s face. You do not want them ingesting
the vapor, so it’s best to keep them away at a safe distance. Even if your pet might like the
smell of your e-cigarette, don’t let them get used to it. If any accidents happen at home or your
pet falls sick for any reason, take them to the vet immediately. All pets are bundles of joy and
our best friends for life. Make sure to keep them safe and treat them with all the kindness and
love they deserve. Please read our guide to vaping completely.

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