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Choosing Vape Tanks for the Perfect Vaping Experience

vape tanks

When talking about vaping experience, we tend to focus on the quality of the e-juice, neglecting the importance of vape tank in the whole process. So today, we will be talking about how to choose vape tanks that guarantee the perfect vaping experience.

Your Experience with Vaping
If your aim of switching to vaping is to help you quit cigarette smoking, then you should stay away from sub-ohm clearomizer that is most common with style pens and low-powered devices. This is because a vape tank with more than 1.0 ohm hits you as much as a traditional cigarette, making your efforts to quit futile.

Moreover, this type of vape tank isn’t customizable but can be used for beginners that are not looking to quit smoking.

Your Personal Preference
If you are experienced vaper and desire heavier hits and thicker clouds, sub-ohm vape tanks will be suitable for you. Sub-ohms are great for getting more vapor and flavor out of the liquid and unlike rebuildable tanks and dripping atomizers, they don’t require you to build coils.

Ease of Setup
If you value easy setup over the amount of vapor and cloud you get out of the vape juice, then, you may go for RDA tanks. While this type of vape tank is mostly available as dripping atomizers and rebuildable tanks, they are often designed to allow for easy setup.

So if you are choosing an RDA tank, make sure you wouldn’t have any problem with rebuilding the coil and refilling the tank with e-juice before vaping.

Material Used
Vape tanks come in different materials, mainly glass, metal, and plastic. But choosing the material to buy goes beyond knowing the materials. It is equally important to know that not all e-juices are suitable for each of these materials.

Ideally, if you like experimenting with a wide variety of vaping juice, then you should go for a glass tank because they can stand up to any flavor thrown at them.

Plastic tanks are not suitable for certain flavors such as cinnamon and citrus flavors. Also, plastic tanks are not as durable as glass tanks as they are prone to cracking.

In conclusion, it all boils down to knowing what you want from a vape tank and your experience. Whether you prefer the ease of setup over the amount of flavor and cloud you prefer glass material over plastic and metals depends on your personal taste.

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